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Member Vendors
The Black Mountain Tailgate Market is a producer only member-run market with twenty-eight member vendors and a five member board of directors. New member applications are considered in January of each year. Contact the market manager at for information and an application form. Our members are chosen based on maintaining a balance in variety of products in keeping with the size of our customer base.

Day Vendors

The Black Mountain Tailgate Market has a limited number of day vendor spaces available on a first-come, first served basis weekly. All products sold at the market must be made/produced by the seller. The fee is $21 per time, payable at the market. An Occasional Vendor application can be accessed from the website and emailed to the market manager at



BMTM Occasional Vendor Form

I request to participate in the Black Mountain Tailgate Market (BMTM) on an occasional basis and not as a member.  I understand that the fee is $21 per market attended (unless I am 13 years of age or younger, in which case the fee is waived). I agree to abide by the requirements set out in the BMTM Statement of Purpose and Rules, particularly that I locally grow the produce I am selling and/or I hand craft, bake, or prepare the items I am selling and that I have the necessary certifications or licenses to do so.

 I further agree to HOLD HARMLESS from any liability the host, the First Baptist Church of Black Mountain, on whose property the BMTM is held during the season. I also agree to be responsible for and clean up my own space each Saturday and at all times treat the property with respect. I understand that I am fully liable for any issues that arise due to my presence at the BMTM or as a result of any products I sell at the BMTM.

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I am under 13 years of age or younger, so my fee is waived.