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Parking & Site Information


We're so grateful for our hosts at First Baptist Church of Black Mountain and for the beautiful space that has become home to the Black Mountain Tailgate Market for 13 years!

In order to maintain the integrity of the Market premises and the residential area in which we are located, we ask that all attendees, vendors, patrons and so forth read the information below:

  • General Parking for the Black Mountain Tailgate Market is designated to Zone 1 and Zone 2 (except in the case that there are special events hosted by First Baptist Church on the premises during market hours).

  • Day Vendors must park off premises at Town Hall, or Black Mountain Primary after unloading their products and equipment.

  • Market-goers parked in Zone 1 may access the Main Entrance by following the golden arrows, delineated in the Site Map above.

  • Member Vendors and Sponsors may park in Zone 3.

  • Zone 3 is closed to all thoroughfare traffic so as to ensure the safety of our patrons, vendors, and volunteers.

  • Community Collaborators (non-profit organizations hosted by BMTM) - must park in Zone 1, unless otherwise approved by the Market Director.

  • Volunteers must park in Zone 1, unless otherwise approved by the Market Director.

  • Disability Parking is located in Zone 3 - General Public and or Vendor parking is prohibited in this area unless otherwise approved by the Market Director.

  • A Loading Zone (also a secondary Market Entrance) has been established along First Street (see above) expressly for elderly, disabled and, immunocompromised individuals, and/or for CSA or large order pickup.

  • No Parking Zones, as delineated in the Site Map above, are tow-away zones. Public Parking is prohibited in these spaces, and those who choose to disregard signage may be subject to towing.

  • When all Public Parking spaces are full, patrons may find parking near Town Square, just South of the Market Premises.

  • A Beautiful Community Garden, cultivated by a number of local organizations is established on the Market Grounds. BMTM has placed Board Members, and other agricultural Vendors around the Garden so as to monitor and prevent damage to the Garden. The Garden is off-limits to the public.

    Please note: The Black Mountain Tailgate Market is situated in a residential neighborhood and it is our honor to be among our lovely neighbors each Saturday morning. Help us take care of our community by being respectful of residential drives and pedestrian walkways. Residential driveways are Tow Away Zones. We must maintain a zero-tolerance policy where this is concerned, and we appreciate your cooperation and consideration!

    In order to keep operations up and running, and to maintain good standing with all of our friends and neighbors, we ask the public to be mindful of our unique space. 

Pets at the Market

The Black Mountain Tailgate Market is a pet-friendly event filled with colorful sights, striking sounds, and delicious scents—making it the perfect spot for outings with your dog. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for ingredients to make your pet’s meals, there are certain rules of etiquette and safety that will help make the outing a success.


Please bring only leashed dogs to the market that can follow these simple rules:

1. Can walk on a loose leash through a crowd. Remains relaxed in a crowded, noisy public setting.

2. Exhibits self-control when meeting people and other dogs. Can walk past people and other dogs without pulling, lunging or barking.

3. Can safely be approached by people of ALL ages. Accepts the approach of strangers and overtures of a child.

4. Shows manners and obedience at vendor tables. Avoids sniffing, licking or tasting product on or around a vendor’s table.

5. Refrains from urinating on Vendor booths, signage, picnic tables, etc.


  • Make sure your pet is up-to-date on all vaccines and parasite prevention. 

  • Your dog should know the cues "leave it" and "drop it" in case they find something on the ground—a very likely thing at the farmers' market (it's usually food and can be dangerous).

  • Dogs shouldn't go to the farmers' market until they've been trained to pay attention to you and walk on a loose leash.

  • No retractable leashes! Long leashes can be a tripping hazard for fellow patrons. Use a regular leash that's no more than 6 feet long, and keep your dog close to your side.

  • Consider the weather: You may want to keep dogs at home on hot, cold, or rainy days.

  • Avoid other dogs unless you know for sure your dog is calm on the leash with other dogs. If two dogs meet, they should be able to greet one another calmly without leash-pulling or jumping.

As we work to keep Black Mountain Tailgate Market a pet-friendly event for years to come, please note that pets who cannot abide by the guidelines set forth above may be asked not to return to the market.